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The Mills Law Group, APC - Practice Areas
We represent clients in a broad array of practice areas including:

General Counsel Services
We provide as-needed legal services, advice and counsel for everyday business matters, questions and obstacles, on an hourly, daily or per-project basis.  

Civil and Business Litigation
TMLG can help protect your individuals and business rights and interests as they relate to: employee disputes, breach of contract, fraud, embezzlement, conversion, theft, securities violations, unlicensed broker-dealer issues, partnership disputes, intellectual property disputes and infringement, business mediation or arbitration and any other matter that arises. 

Judgment Enforcement and Debt Collections
If you have been awarded a Judgment TMLG can help collect your award by levying bank accounts, garnishing wages, seizing personal or corporate property, and by utilizing any and all tools available. TMLG can also help collect debts payable on contracts, past dues accounts or any other unpaid amount. 

Business Formation and Maintenance/Startup & Entrepreneur
When starting a new venture, TMLG will help assess your business goals and needs. We will advise you about the various forms of entities available, and how each form can impact you and your business, at both the organizational and operational level, and which of the various organizational forms may best facilitate the changing needs of your business. We will help you fulfill all the corporate formalities necessary as well as maintaining the operation requirements for your type of business entity.

Employment Law
Business entities of all types have to ensure compliance with state and federal employment laws. TMLG can help your business with that compliance and can review your policies and procedures to help fix any potential areas of risk. We can advise on how best to avoid harassment, discrimination and other potential employee claims. Also, if you do encounter a legal issue with an employee we are here to help you through. Also, can help prepare Employment Agreements, Stock Option plans and other compensation needs. 

Homeowners Association
Homeowners Association (HOA) often need legal support ranging from filing the paperwork necessary to become established, to drafting bylaws to enforcement of rules. TMLG represents individuals and associations of single family homes, condominium and master-planned communities, age restricted communities and conversion projects. 

Real Estate 
TMLG can help take away some of the anxiety relating to residential home and commercial sales transactions, commercial leases and disputes, quit-claim deeds, transfer trust deeds, easements, encroachments, trespass, foreclosure notices and notices of default, and both sides of unlawful detainer cases.